Hanson’s Priorities: Safe Families. Safe Communities. 

  • Quick response:
    Ensuring law enforcement comes quickly when needed
  • Professionalism:
    Under Hanson’s leadership, Douglas County Sheriffs will always act professionally as they interact with the public
  • Protect the Second Amendment:
    Support law abiding citizens’ right to own and legally possess firearms so that they can protect themselves and their families while promoting training so that citizens can be responsible gun owners
  • Back the Blue:
    Leading the way for community support of our honest, hard-working law enforcement officers, first responders and support personnel with public recognition, exceptional training and equipment, and a fair wage
  • Law and Order:
    Work to ensure real consequences are in place for dangerous and high-risk criminal offenders
  • Rehabilitation:
    Help deserving people get a second chance and become contributing members of society
  • Partnerships:
    Shared community policing efforts to help the Omaha Police Department in our shared battle against violent crime
  • Training:
    Enhanced professional training for law enforcement to ensure the safety and protection of the public and of law enforcement